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Professional Liability Insurance in Carmel and Monterey, CA


Businesses often provide professional services or professional advice to other businesses or individuals.  Businesses and individuals that purchase professional services and receive professional advice sometimes sustain losses as a result of the services that they purchase and the advice that they receive.  For this reason, businesses that provide professional services and advice need protection.  Insurance provides necessary protection, and at Monroe-Kelly Insurance Services we have a comprehensive professional liability insurance program. 

We act as a brokerage and we have access to multiple carriers, and this is why we’ll provide you with the best insurance possible.  Also, we’re experienced, so we’ll ensure that your experiences are great.


Professional liability insurance protects against liability that is incurred as a result of errors and omissions that are made in the deliveries of professional services.  It covers economic and financial losses that are suffered by third parties.  Professional liability does not cover bodily injuries or property damages.  The right professional liability policy depends on one’s profession.  Whether you’re an accountant, an attorney, or a real estate broker, we’ll help you find the right policy.

The coverages from which you can choose include but are not limited to:

Errors and Omissions Liability (E&O) – E&O covers mistakes that are made by employees who work on behalf of businesses that charge fees for services.  It includes coverages for errors such as failures to perform or violations of contracts.  Depending on one’s industry, his or her E&O insurance needs will vary.

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) – Protecting businesses’ directors and officers helps prevent losses that are related to directors’ and officers’ professional actions.  Professional actions that can cause losses include conflicts of interest, mismanagements of company assets, and violations of laws.

Fiduciary Liability – Fiduciary liability insurance covers violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  If a manager makes imprudent investments or fails to enroll employees, and therefore violates ERISA, fiduciary liability can protect the company for which the manager works from losses.
Employment Practices Liability – If a worker claims that his or her rights have been violated by the business that employs the worker, then the business that employs the worker can sustain losses.  Employment practices liability insurance mitigates losses that businesses can sustain if workers that the businesses employ claim that their rights have been violated.  Violations of workers’ rights against which employment practices liability insurance protects include sexual harassment, discrimination, mismanagement of employee benefits, wrongful termination, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To learn more about professional liability insurance coverages, contact an agent.


We have three in-house brokers who can provide you with the best possible professional liability insurance.  These brokers are trained to thoroughly assess your needs, and they’ll asses your needs through an in-depth interview.  Once the interview that our brokers conduct is complete, our brokers will identify the right coverages.  At the point that the right coverages are identified, our brokers will help you create the finest policy.

We’ll regularly monitor the policy that you purchase so that there are never gaps in coverage and also so that the rates that you pay for the policy that you purchase are always competitive.

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At Monroe-Kelly Insurance Services we’re proud to provide professional liability insurance in Carmel, Monroe, Pacific Grove, Carmel Valley, Salinas, and Seaside, CA.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve other states.

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